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Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program

The Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program offers savings that you can't get anywhere else. You will soon be driving off the lot in a New Nissan or for less than dealer-cost. Here are some of the benefits:

  • "No haggle" buying experience.
  • VPP discount can be combined with all eligible offers and incentives.
  • NMAC/IFS lease specials, and APRs still available.

Who qualifies for the Vehicle Purchase Program?

  • US Active and Reserve US Military with active service Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
  • US Military Veterans within 12 months active duty and a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
  • US Military Retirees with DD214/NGB22 or other supporting document.
  • College students with 6 months before or 2 years after graduation from an accredited United States 2 or 4 year university, college, graduate school or nursing school with sufficient income, valid insurance and approved credit.
  • Students currently enrolled in graduate school with sufficient income, valid insurance and approved credit.

How do I finance a vehicle purchased or leased through VPP and are there special rates offered for VPP customers?

  • Financing is handled the same way it is with non-VPP purchases. If you choose to finance through the dealership, normal credit standards apply. Your Dealership can assist you with the most current offers.

Are all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles eligible for the VPP discount?

  • No. VPP incentives vary by model and actual savings will vary based on model, trim and options selected. Not all Nissan models or trim levels are eligible for VPP. Contact your local dealer to inquire about model eligibility. Also Dealers can refuse VPP program offers, for information on current vehicle incentives, contact your Nissan or Infiniti dealer.

How much will the vehicle I'm interested in cost?

  • You can view VPP pricing during the Claim Generation process based on dealer inventory or contact your local dealer for specific model pricing. Please note that any dealer-installed accessories are negotiable between you and the dealership. There is no pre-negotiated VPP price for dealer-installed accessories.

Can the value of my trade-in be used to further reduce my purchase price?

  • No. The value of a trade-in can be used to pay for your vehicle purchase, but it cannot be used to determine your purchase price. Your trade-in must be handled as a transaction separate from the VPP price calculation.

Can the dealer charge me a documentation fee with VPP?

  • Yes, the documentation fees should be the standard charge for all customers, including VPP customers.

How long is the claim ID valid?

  • A claim ID is valid for 45 days. If your claim ID expires, you can generate a new one as long as you are within your allotted claims.
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