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It is a big decision to lease or finance a new vehicle, at Cornhusker Nissan we are with you for every step of the decision making process. 

Leasing vs. Buying a Car


When you lease a vehicle through Cornhusker Nissan, you are under contract for a certain period of the time. Once the the contract end date is met, the vehicle is returned to the dealership. If you do not plan to put a lot of miles on your new car, truck, van, SUV or crossover this may be the way to go. Other great benefits of leasing are having a lower monthly payment, a better vehicle at a lower cost, and the opportunity to have a new vehicle every couple of years. 

Nissan's SignatureLease offers more choices than your average lease program with terms that range from 24-60 months. When your lease ends through NMAC you will have 3 options:

  • You can turn the vehicle in at lease end
  • You can choose to purchase your leased vehicles
  • You can trade your lease in depending on the current market value


Unless you have the capital to outright purchase the vehicle, you will need to finance the vehicle. Financing a vehicle through Cornhusker Nissan is the more permanent option. You'll have the same payment every month for certain number of months under a fixed finance rate. Once you have paid for each month for that period of time, you now own your vehicle. This is a great option for someone who puts a lot of miles on their vehicle, or wants to make customization to their vehicle or travel without having to worry about wear and tear. When you choose to finance, you can change your mind at anytime and decide to sell, trade or transfer your title.

With Nissan's SignaturePurchase competitive interest rates and quick credit responses, Nissan can help you make your car buying dream a reality. SignaturePurchase terms range from 12-72 months and are available for new and pre-owned Nissans.

There are benefits to both options and ultimately the decision is yours. As always, you can contact Cornhusker Nissan for assistance.

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